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Halloween trick

Dear Editor:Halloween is always filled with tales of pranks, trick or treat, witches, ghosts, goblins and fairy princesses. Last Thursday, after painting the last drop of yellow on the witch’s step for Corduroy’s Halloween event in the library park plaza, we left our creation in the top floor of the public building known as the Rio Grande meeting room so that we could meet the young painter’s mom.Upon returning to the library plaza, I noticed some of the “boys of Burlingame,” asset management and city manager’s office, giggling, running and carrying our freshly painted but dried witch’s step and dumping it in the yard of the library plaza.Thinking I was surely seeing an apparition of pranksters as Halloween was still a couple of days away, I heard a deep bellowing voice from out of nowhere saying something about “trespassing.”I looked to see yet another apparition, this time dressed as one of Aspen’s assistant city managers. He was yelling something about ruining his carpet with yellow paint. Calmly, I assured him the paint was water-based and easily cleanable and we should go check it out, as when I left there there was no mess.Well, apparently, in the pranksters’ haste not to be seen, they inadvertently spilled some paint onto the carpet. On my hands and knees with a bit of water, soap and elbow grease, the paint was easily cleaned up. Just as I was about finished cleaning, I looked up to see another favorite outfit worn on Halloween standing over me. Except this figure was not giggling. In fact, he had a very stern face on while explaining he, the police, had just received a complaint about me trespassing in a public building from who I know as “the big boy of Burlingame.”Still on my knees scrubbing away, I explained to the police officer that the wet, cold and fierce storm had brought us into the unoccupied, public meeting room building for warmth to finish our project. Since we were done with our work, and the “boys from Burlingame” had dumped the witch’s step in the plaza already, we would finish our work in the plaza.The next day while campaigning to “Vote Yes on 2A” to repeal the visitor center approval and save the library park planters from becoming parking for the lack of parking for the visitor center, I thought I saw a “ghost” appear before me with a ticket in his hand.Well it was not a ghost, but the very same stern police officer who spoke to me the day before. The ticket was issued at the request of the city of Aspen, hence the mayor’s office, since the mayor is the boss of the city. How I wish the fairy godmother had come along and encouraged the mayor’s office to hand out treats instead of tricks. Now that Halloween is over, hopefully the mean-spirited witches and goblins will have retreated to their shadows of darkness and leave those of us who are trying to do good alone.Boys of Burlingame – the crew which started the development work on Deer Hill without the proper permits in place.Toni KronbergAspen

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