Halloween, Aspen-Style

Staff report
Dean Weiler's Aspen Walking Tours will visit the Ute Cemetery tonight.
Aspen Times file photo |

Halloween is Aspen’s holiday — the one holiday that locals of all ages can celebrate without the hustle and bustle of high season in the background.

How Aspenites choose to celebrate All Hallows’ Eve is as diverse as the local population itself. There are cemetery tours and talks about haunted hotels. There is trick-or-treating and pumpkin carving. And there are parties — from neighborhood get-togethers to bar crawls (tonight is the sole open-door evening at the members-only Caribou Club) and from concerts to costume contests. To be fair, there is no singular way to explain what Halloween is to Aspen.

But one thing is for sure: Aspen is really good at Halloween. Here are a few highlights for 2015:

• Belly Up always brings a good, high-energy band in for the night (this year it’s the all-female Led Zeppelin band Zepparella for $20), and the club hosts an always-entertaining costume contest (last year, a guy dressed as Ken Robinson from Roaring Fork Liquors took home the $500 prize). http://www.belly

• Theatre Aspen is sponsoring a theatrical makeup workshop at the Red Brick Center for the Arts, where professional makeup artist and costume designer Magdalena Gambuti will help people craft Halloween designs and stage makeup ($35).

• Aspen Walking Tours is giving a cemetery tour of the Ute Cemetery, with a touch of spooky local history ($20).

• The Hudson Reed Ensemble’s ongoing production of “The Turn of the Screw,” based on the Henry James ghost story, also runs through Halloween night at the Black Box Theatre. http://www.hudson