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Hail to government protection!

It is gratifying that our government is working so hard in its attempts to protect us from terrorism. The latest proposal to pre-characterize air passengers according to their degree of threat goes a long way toward such protection.

Greens will be processed through security quickly. Passengers with a yellow “flag” in their Homeland Security dossiers will be carefully screened, while red-flagged passengers will not be allowed to fly at all.

We hope that Homeland Security will extend this policy of protectionism one step further. Since they are now able to identify real (red) and potential (yellow) threats, why not require those people and their families to wear red or yellow arm bands when they appear in public.

In that way we good Americans can avoid them socially and boycott their businesses. We could even participate in public demonstrations against them, storming their places of business, and breaking their windows. We could call it “Glass Night.”

This identification would also allow our Homeland Security police, the HS, to round them up and remove them from our society. This cleansing would certainly be facilitated by the extension of the Patriot Act to allow “administrative subpoenas” so that the HS could arrest and incarcerate them without the encumbrances of judicial or grand jury review.

For these efforts to protect the American Way, I call upon my fellow citizens to arise and proclaim: Hail Bush!

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Phil Freedman