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Gyro heros

Dear Editor:

Roaring Fork Family Resource Centers wants to thank all the “heroes” who volunteered at our gyro booth at Carbondale’s Mountain Fair. Thanks to all the great teams who worked in 90-degree weather, including the River Valley Ranch Loopers, all the RFSD teachers, Judy Haponstall, Becky Loveless of Dancing Pickle Catering, Tim Mason of the Glenwood Canyon Brewing Co., John Steele of Shamrock Foods, the Thursday veggie chopping team and The Be a Hero Dancers: Kellie Ulrich and Jeannette Whitcomb.

Special thanks go to the children and teenagers who volunteered their time and learned about being involved in our community: Jack, Kira and Mikey Willis, Tanner Jadwin, Evrett Marr, Abigail and Hayden Reilly, Dustin Belcher, Noe and Nelly Gomez, Savanna Bristol, Jessica Hardin, Miguel Fabela, and Max Ramge.

See you all next Mountain Fair!

Katie Marshall

Roaring Fork Family Resource Centers

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