Guy who gave Cake the finger speaks out |

Guy who gave Cake the finger speaks out

Steve Benson

The large man with the green shirt has spoken. Scott Courts, who claims he was the focal point of a verbal attack from Cake frontman John McCrea during the band’s performance at the Jazz Aspen Snowmass Labor Day Festival, said he was just minding his own business when he came under fire. The incident, which left a bad taste in many concertgoers’ mouths, was widely reported. But until now, Courts has been silent. According to Courts, McCrea suddenly turned to members of the VIP section in the middle of the show and said, “This is the problem with America – all these rich people.”Courts, a former University of Kentucky basketball player who spends his summers in Aspen, said the remark caught him off guard, as did the ensuing banter from McCrea both on and off the microphone.Courts claims after that first statement, McCrea turned his back to the VIP section and said, “What I’m going to do is sing to the people on the left and ignore the people on my right.”Those people are my fans, the other ones are piggies.” Courts said a few people from the VIP area then gave McCrea the finger.Maybe it was the fact that Courts is 6-feet, 11-inches tall and was wearing a green shirt the night of the concert that made him an easy target. “He said, ‘That guy in the green shirt, he’s probably been playing golf all day and living off his mommy and daddy’s money,'” Courts claims McCrea said. “When he made that comment about golf – I hate golf – I got up and stood up in my chair and flipped him off with both hands. “You think you’re John Lennon, you’re a loser,” Courts added. Courts said Jazz Aspen founder and executive producer Jim Horowitz, who is also a friend, told him to, “Let it roll off.” Horowitz could not be reached for comment. But then, with the show winding down, Courts claims McCrea turned to him and said off the microphone, “I’m going to kick your ass after the concert.” Courts said he waited for McCrea after the show but “didn’t see him anywhere.” That wasn’t the end of it. Courts found out that Cake was staying at the Silvertree Hotel in Snowmass Village and decided to pay McCrea a visit early Tuesday morning. Courts said he called McCrea’s room from the lobby phone at 7 a.m., and McCrea actually answered. “I said, ‘I waited for you, you were a big tough guy on stage and you were going to kick my ass. Well, I’m down in the lobby, come down and kick my ass,'” Courts recalled. “He said ‘Oh no man, you didn’t take that seriously. When I’m on stage I’m only a puppet and a clown and I say what the crowd wants to hear.'” Courts said after a brief discussion McCrea apologized and hung up the phone. Now, though, it seems Courts is recognized for more than just his basketball prowess. “Everywhere I went [in Aspen], people were like ‘There’s the guy in the green shirt,'” he laughed. Steve Benson’s e-mail address is