Gustafson, Marolt, Madsen win in Snowmass |

Gustafson, Marolt, Madsen win in Snowmass

Incumbent William (Bill) Madsen won the Snowmass Village mayoral race over challenger Reed Lewis, and Town Council candidates Britta Gustafson and Susan Marolt took the two open positions.

As of 1:50 a.m., Pitkin County election officials have counted nearly all ballots apart from military/overseas ballots and ballots that need to be cured.

They all noted the prospects for the Snowmass Village Town Council to have a majority of women on the board.

Madsen said such a majority “is going to be really good for Snowmass Village.”

Gustafson and Marolt both agreed that a majority female Town Council is an exciting prospect, especially when it is the first in Snowmass history.

“More women in leadership roles, every small town and up to national levels and global levels is so meaningful. It’s a big step,” Gustafson said.

Bill Madsen leads the race for mayor of Snowmass Village.
Courtesy Photo

Mayoral Race

Madsen first ran for the Town Council in 2014, where his focus was development of the base village and balancing the line between resort and community in Snowmass Village. He was elected to his first mayoral term in 2020.

As with all the races in Snowmass, town character remained an important point in the mayoral election. He defined the community character as “evolving” and emphasized the importance of providing for the people who live in Snowmass full time.

He was born and raised in Aspen and has been in Snowmass for the past 30 years. He grew up as a Aspen Valley Ski Club ski racer and now runs NASTAR ski racing program.

“It looks pretty encouraging,” Madsen said. “It’s great to see that folks in Snowmass Village came out in support. I think that means I’m doing a good job.”

He secured 60.95% of votes by the 1:50 a.m. update, and Lewis had 39.05%.

Town Council

Preliminary results show the two open Snowmass Town Council seats going to challengers Britta Gustafson and Susan Marolt. Both lead over incumbent Tom Goode and challenger Matt Dubé, who had 20.06% and 14.15% of the votes, respectively.

Marolt led Gustafson by 5% in the race for the four-year term on Snowmass Village Town Council after the 9 p.m. update, however after 1:50 a.m., Marolt held 34.76% of votes to Gustafson’s 31.03%.

Susan Marolt leads in the Snowmass Town Council race after 50% of votes.
Austin Colbert/The Aspen Times

Marolt and her family have lived in Snowmass Village for 30 years. Her three children were born and raised in Snowmass. She works as a certified public accountant and partners in Marolt, LLP CPA Firm with her husband, Roger.

She recently completed eight years serving on the Aspen School District Board of Education, as well as serving as Board of Education president for two years. She has also served on a variety of other boards, such as College Outreach, Little Red Schoolhouse, and Action in Africa.

Throughout her campaign, Marolt drew on her experience as an accountant and on the board of education. She believes her background in finance gives her a strong foundation and understanding of budgeting and project-cost analysis, while her time on the board of education helped her understanding of the governing process.

Like her opponents, she felt strongly about the importance of the town’s character and ran for council to help preserve the qualities that make Snowmass so unique.

“I just think it was a good group of candidates, and I’m happy to serve and honored to be in that group,” said Marolt. “I think we had some really good conversations during the campaign. And, I think it’ll be great to continue those with the entire community moving forward.”

Snowmass native Gustafson has the second most votes, putting her in the lead for the second seat on the council with 31.03% of the votes.

Britta Gustafson leads in the race for Snowmass Town Council after 50% of votes.
Courtesy photo

She was born and raised in Snowmass Village and still lives here with her two children. She currently works as the communications director at The Farm Collaborative and creative director for EdibleAspen magazine and writes a column for the Snowmass Sun.

Her campaign was run on the “just big enough” slogan, but she believes it needs to be more than just words. At Squirm Night, she stated how development has always been a part of the plan for Snowmass Village and that it is more than just an aspiration.

Gustafson believes her lifetime of perspective and passion for Snowmass Village gave her a leg up on her opponents. She is in a unique position to represent a new generation on the council while using her extensive knowledge of the roots and character of the town.

“I have had the opportunity to have amazing conversations with some really different perspectives — people from all different neighborhoods and communities within our town,” she said. “I’ve learned so much, even as a columnist and all the years, knowing people that I know, that this was a bit of a wake up call for a lot of issues that I think have been under-represented, I think, by our leadership. I look forward to bringing some of that to the table.”

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