Guns and dozes |

Guns and dozes

Dear Editor:

Let me put in my opinion, since not many Basalt residents can say they live in the same shoes as I do.

So here are some facts. I work nights. Specifically I work from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. No one seems to like a graveyard shift, and it only gets worse when said person cannot get enough sleep during the day. The fact of where I live is also important, because not only can I hear the shooting range, I can hear the highway. I can hear the river, and I can even hear the sound of the school bell from the elementary school. If anyone has any idea about Basalt, that pretty much puts me right in the middle of town.

So after I get done working I head home and make my attempt to sleep. Most people are waking up, driving to work, out running errands and are even at the shooting range. Either way, I can hear most all of it. Fortunately none of those things keep me awake. Not even when the five-minute barrage of gunfire goes off with what could be an elephant gun for all I know. I am woken up more often by the diesel monster truck on the highway trying to break the land-speed record.

Due to my situation, I think I get to complain about noise I essentially have to sleep during the day, because my job is to be awake at night. If I can’t sleep, well, too bad, I should find a different job. But I can sleep, just fine on most days. The gunshots, from early morning to the afternoon duck hunt, none of it bothers me, simply because it is no worse than the traffic or even the freaking river!

For the people who live on the hill somewhat close to the shooting range, I have a cliche to tell you. You know that young couple who moved to the city? They find a beautiful apartment, cheap rent, and the whole nine yards. They see it once, fall in love, and buy the dinky little apartment. After moving in, they lie in bed, only to be shaken violently. From what, you ask? Well, they didn’t bother to look at the neighborhood while moving. Sadly they moved in right next to the midtown subway train that passes by every 15 minutes.

Catch my drift? No one made you buy your house. The range has been there quite a long time, so you most likely knew it was there when you moved. Unless you live under a rock and thought “Basalt will never grow, more people will never come here.” Sorry to tell you, more people have come and more people will in the future. Maybe you should have thought of this before you moved here. Otherwise I suggest ear plugs, or some thicker skin.

As for me, I’m sleeping like a baby, even with the gunshots.

Chris Everding


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