Gulfport gratitude |

Gulfport gratitude

Dear Editor:My husband and I had the pleasure of visiting your beautiful town over the past few days. We had planned our trip to Aspen many months ago, to see the leaves change color. Little did we know that it would be a source of refuge and strength for us, after experiencing Hurricane Katrina on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We lost our home to the storm, but our office survived intact and we are making our home there now. We were so interested and excited to see the involvement of your community in the rebuilding and restoring of Pearlington, Miss. They are a small, close-knit area and are so deserving of your attention and aid. On behalf of all of us along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, we thank you. Our part of the country is equally as beautiful as yours, but in much different ways. It must be difficult for you to imagine such devastation on such a large scale, but when you gaze at those beautiful mountains with the varied colors, try to picture nothing but mud and debris where the landscape you loved so much once was … it’s like that here, for miles and miles. We love our coastline and our way of life as much as you love yours, and we appreciate your efforts to help us restore our way of life. We hope that you will visit us someday when all is back in place and marvel at God’s handiwork here.Jennifer Blakeslee Gulfport, Miss.

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