Grow with God |

Grow with God

How can our relationships grow, prosper and become more fruitful? I believe our relationships can only change if we have an intimate relationship with God. We all must share with God about our relationships, our experiences and our realities. Through this sharing, we gradually awaken to the supreme power of the all-knowing, infinite God.

What is a relationship? It is the way one or more things or people interact with one another. It is the act of communicating with something or someone else. We must communicate in order to have a relationship. There is no relationship without communication. One cannot survive without the other.

We will realize our relationships with others will grow as we enhance our relationship with God. We must have this first, foremost, and above all our relationships. The more we grow with God, the more productive we become as an individual. We, in turn, become more useful to God in his ultimate plan.

God’s plan is for the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. The Kingdom is now, on earth and in this valley. We live in the middle of the Kingdom. We all must grow, prosper and become fruitful for the Kingdom. I encourage us all to begin an intimate relationship with a BUPC. What is a BUPC? A BUPC is an individual who is a Baha’i under the Provisions of the Covenant.

I love you! God loves you! You’ll enter the Kingdom.

Justin Moore