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Grow up

Dear Editor:

I have read with some interest of Ian Gray’s plight with the peace officers in Basalt.

Maybe the officers did linger longer than you and other patrons thought was necessary, but good golly, son, think about what transpired: The officers entered the establishment, when you and others thought they were there long enough, the verbal barrage began, they decided to leave so as not to escalate the situation, someone decided to keep their mouth running, the officers re-entered, Mr. Gray was cuffed (may or may not have been told he was under arrest), witness statements back up that Mr. gray grabbed the bar stool, in time released his hold on said barstool, was taken outside and released and warned that charges may be forthcoming. That seems to be the short version, according to the paper.

What kind of a friggin’ moron would consider such a thing as abuse of power; don’t peace officers have a tough enough job to do without having to deal with this type of childish picayune behavior? Here is the sad thing: If you or any of your friends ever have the need for assistance from the local peace officers, they would be there to help you if you were injured in an accident, robbed, or just needed help.

What is really at issue here is that you were drinking, joined in with the crowd with what you considered your right to free speech, were confronted about your unruly behavior, did not want to seem like an idiot in front of your friends and other patrons, and decided instead of facing the music, would preempt any charges by filing some of your own.

Grow up, and learn when to shut up. Police have a tough enough job to do without having to deal with a jackass like you. With the trying times everyone is going through, you feel the need to attempt to make an example out of some police officers who were just trying to do their jobs.

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