Grocers need to step up |

Grocers need to step up

Dear Editor:

Chris Tessem’s letter of Aug. 10 (“Exclaiming over bag bans,” The Aspen Times) has some good points; however, I might add there are now available plastic bags that are biodegradable and decomposable. One might also take note that it has been scientifically proven that reusable bags have created an environment for breeding bacteria and viruses, can have a heavy lead content and create more problems to the environment vs. helping it.

In our area, where tourism is vital to our economy, why antagonize shoppers by an additional cost for a bag? Why not put the burden on large grocers and/or stores to provide the new biodegradable bags? It certainly seems like a reasonable solution vs. taking up time of governing bodies and/or creating more governmental regulations.

Jo-Ann Hall


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