Grocers may take beer, wine sales question to Colo. voters

Alicia Wallace
The Denver Post
The new Safeway store at 181 W. Mineral ave in Littleton, gets stocked with bottles of wine. This Safeway is the first and only supermarket that has been given a liquor license in the state.
Helen H. Richardson/The Denver Post | THE DENVER POST

Walmart and other big Colorado grocers are again throwing their weight behind an effort to have the state’s food stores carry craft beer and wine.

But this time they’re ready to take the question directly to the voters.

King Soopers, Safeway and Walmart are backing Your Choice Colorado, a coalition launching this week to promote changing state liquor laws to allow grocery stores to sell wine and full-strength beer.

They may try to push the measure through the legislature, but are preparing ballot language to change state statute.

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