Grinch gets a gift |

Grinch gets a gift

Steve Benson

Christmas gifts for siblings usually consist of CDs that you really wanted and will eventually steal. But Katie Harvey, director of the Aspen Highlands Ski School, wanted to give her brother a gift he would not soon forget. Her brother is Allyn Harvey, the managing editor of The Aspen Times. A couple weeks ago, Allyn wrote what many considered to be a rather harsh review of opening day at Highlands, referring to the area as “perpetually understaffed and underfunded,” and writing that the conditions “sucked.” The Aspen Skiing Co.’s spokesman, Jeff Hanle, shot back with a letter to the editor that referred to Allyn as a “Ski Grinch.” “Honest reporting does not mean negative reporting,” Hanle wrote. “Don’t make your personal ‘bad day’ everyone else’s bad day.” So for Christmas, Katie gave Allyn the gift that keeps on giving. No, not a free subscription to the jelly of the month club, but place mats laminated with a copy of Allyn’s story alongside a copy of Hanle’s letter. “That’s pretty good,” Hanle said. “Yeah, they all hate me now,” Allyn joked (maybe he was serious). Speaking of Highlands, all of the G Zones in the bowl are now open as patrol dropped the ropes on G2 and G3 Monday. According to one local skier, G6 is “smooth and fast as hell, but still grippy,” and skiing the best of all the zones. The rest of the shots are somewhat funky, but soft, good snow can be found by those who search. Highlands patrol deserves many thanks for getting this ridiculous, enormous playground ready and safe for us every winter. And help may be on the way. Periods of snow should fall through the weekend, with the heaviest accumulations expected Wednesday into Thursday.