Green politics or green policy? |

Green politics or green policy?

Dear Editor:

Our city government recently has been the subject of controversy and hypocrisy regarding its so called green policies. My question to the city is, if you truly want to lead, you must first fix the traffic problem.

With some 20,000-plus cars going in and out of Aspen every day and idling on Highway 82, we burn tens of thousands of gallons of gasoline unnecessarily. Think about it ” if each car or truck burns an extra half-gallon a day that’s over 10,000 gallons a day? So maybe I am wrong and they only burn an extra quarter of a gallon, that’s still over 5,000 gallons a day! This costs the community an enormous amount of money and does nothing but damage our enviroment more than any other issue I can think of in the valley.

So I ask our government what’s it going to be, green politics as usual with no tangible results, or a green policy that works and includes our most serious problem ” traffic?

Gary Albert


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