Green and local is great |

Green and local is great

(Editor’s note: This letter was originally addressed to “The Honorable Mick Ireland.”)Dear Editor:I have been a resident in Aspen for years and work for a high profile real estate firm in the city core. I am an eco-broker and very closely connected with the green nonprofits in the valley. I am writing out of concern for the people who can not afford to live in our beloved town of Aspen.I think it’s important that they be able to attend such events as Adam Lewis’s preview screening of Leonardo DiCaprio’s new green documentary film, “The 11th Hour”; The Ideas Festival; and The Harvest Festival nonprofit fundraiser event at Sustainable Settings. My response to this concern is to suggest a project like the Lodge at Aspen Mountain which will provide much needed hotel rooms for visitors.The LAM project is way above and beyond anything that’s been proposed before concerning energy efficiency. They are willing to guarantee at least 30 percent more efficient energy savings per year than other hotels of their size in town. This is the first time a project like this will take an annual audit and if the energy savings is less than 30 percent they will pay the difference monetarily. LAM will actually find a local non-profit to donate the money to. Keeping it local and keeping it green … guaranteed. Now that’s a great project!I know this hotel project will get approval. After all … what good is having Aspen as an educating mega-center and the only people attending its events are the families who are funding them?Alison BierhoffAspen