Greedheads in charge |

Greedheads in charge

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Dear Editor:(This letter was originally addressed to Mr. L.K. Smith.)Having read your editorial regarding the biased opinion of Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11” as unfair to G.W. Bush and family, I was at first open to accepting in part your opinion on the documentary. That was two hours before I saw the film. Your claim that the Bush and Bin Laden family circle as mere business partners is quite legitimate and without conflict is a very shortsighted view of the real picture. Sad to say, 9/11 was not an overnight action. It was a premeditated event spurred on by hatred.It does not take a genius to realize the fact that the Bush and Bin Laden families are true capitalists. This country was founded on entrepreneurship and independent ideas. However, the ideas generated within the elitist circles of the Bush family should not be viewed as benefiting the economy or the American people. Their complete disregard for all other interests but their own is evident. That the Carlyle Group is an American employer is a hollow defense. They fuel the war machine the world over, with the elder Bush as their spokesman. You are blinded to think the Bush family has the interests of American families on their minds when they deal behind doors with known terrorists. They know the money will flow in torrents, satisfying their blackened souls as young men and women from average families spill their blood to fuel their dealings. All for money, power and family legacies.The repercussions only add to the hatred for Americans and all that our country was founded on. Unfortunately, the values of politicians are skewed today. Money replaces morals and the power of leadership is manipulated for self-interest. This sad state of affairs will only breed more hatred, war and ultimately innocent lives lost. What good is money when everything else is falling apart?Brian C. AdamsEmma

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