Greed is the root |

Greed is the root

Dear Editor:

When will the law enforcement and city council agencies of the Roaring Fork Valley finally do something ” anything ” toward enforcing immigration laws? Why does law enforcement wait until illegal immigrants break another law before being arrested and deported?

When will these agencies take the positions that have finally been adopted and enforced in many states and towns which penalized the employers, go after the illegal immigrants, and uphold the rule of law?

Why should we, the legal residents, tolerate “selective enforcement” of state and federal laws? Wouldn’t it be nice to get a speeding ticket and use the, “why are you enforcing this law” defense?

We now read that Highway 82 will reach its ‘congestive peak’ by 2009 or earlier. Well guess what? It’s because too much growth is being under-written by companies and individuals who hire hundreds, if not thousands, of illegal aliens ” all to save a buck!

Just think how nice it would be if all the businesses and individuals in the valley were forced to either pay up the required wage (to live here) … or just not build or provide something?

Our valley’s (lost) character is the ruinous result of greed, greed, greed … all based on getting something done the quickest, cheapest, and most insulting way possible. And it’s all being done on the backs of illegal immigrants who under-cut the ‘natural economy’ associated with the supply and demand of labor.

This valley is like a population version of the problematic results of global warming: Too many people, too much rampant growth, too much EVERYTHING!

And after the “meltdown” the only thing left will be the towns’ names.

Scott Crow


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