Great work |

Great work

Dear Editor:

Basalt Recreation would like to thank Ladibel Bonilla and his Eagle Scout troop for the hard work they provided us by mending and making our baseball sheds safer and nicer looking.

They were very worn out, and kids had an easy access for crawling up on the roofs, making it unsafe and tearing up the sheds. They resided, reroofed, mended the doors, painted and installed fencing to keep the kids off. Thank you to the troop members: Omar Merlos, Brother Nevare, Sister Nevare, Andrew Upton, Elmer Bonilla, Felipe Campos, Miguel Revilla, Gabreil Bonilla, Ashton Albright, Leighton Albright, Mitchell Murphy, Marshall Murphy, Thomas Wirth and Jake Floria.

Thank you to parents and scout leaders Mark Murphy, Jack Albright, Ligia Bonilla, Jerry Evert, Elder Pesantes, Elder Palma Dwayne VanSchoubroek, and Julie, John and Meriah Hurst-Farnum.

And thank you to Paul Gonzales, of Valley Lumber, for your help with the materials list. You should be very proud of the work you accomplished. Job well done!

Dorothy Howard

Basalt Recreation Department

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