Great trip to Arches |

Great trip to Arches

My name is Marshall Cleveland and I am writing to tell people five awesome things about our sixth grade trip to Arches National Park.

1. I had fun and found it educational.

2. The rocks are pretty awesome. The arches you see are amazing and they have many different shapes.

3. The hikes were really cool with great views of the area.

4. Our bus drivers, Steve and Julia, volunteered for the trips. They drove safely, even on the bumpy roads.

5. In our tents we got to choose one friend to be with. Then we were mixed with other kids and we had to learn to get along and work together. This was a good learning experience socially.

Overall I would recommend this trip for future classes. My family is planning on going for a weekend in June and I get to be the guide.

Marshall Cleveland, sixth grade

Basalt Middle School

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