Great skiing here and there |

Great skiing here and there

Dear Editor:

As a former resident of both Whistler and Snowmass, I have to agree with Paul Andersen’s recent column, which mentions the physical presence and cultural aspects of Whistler; it is amazing to be able to ski slopes upward of 45 to 50 degrees safely, and there are so many of them. The terrain is endless, and the ruggedness is electrifying. As he states, it is like Europe only with an abundance of snow. Now, connecting the two peaks is a cable car which spans the valley, a thousand feet below.

However, I have many fond memories of skiing Ajax and Snowmass; it is a different experience; one cannot beat the beauty of the town looking down from Ruthies or the culture and the intellect of the community. In general, Aspen’s skiing and mountain biking are more polished, which seems better suited for Aspen’s clientele; in Whistler, it is more rugged and adventuresome, which appeals to the youth market that exists in that community. The communities are competitors, both have great assets, and we have to remember that the modern Whistler-Blackcomb was created by many from the Aspen Ski Corp.

I look forward to many more great skiing days in both areas.

Gordie Lake

Kelowna, B.C.

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