Great run for the Great Divide |

Great run for the Great Divide

Dear Editor:

It’s been a totally rewarding 30 years owning Aspen’s music store. I’m so lucky to have a business that still excites me each Monday morning, and it’s not over yet. So many of you in this town have shown a graciousness of spirit in dealing with us that I could never begin to fully relate the good feelings I have about the shop.

We’ve taught hundreds (and hundreds more) to play music and, more important, to have music in their lives. Kids and their parents have learned the joys of music together. My particular affection for acoustic music and bluegrass has spawned the new young working bands you see in the valley today. I love that.

But alas, all good things must change with time and the Great Divide must be passed on to the next person who wants to have the most intimate, involved community business imaginable. It is my intention to begin my new career early in the next year, and I wanted the community to know about my decision.

The Great Divide is one of a handful of high quality nationally known stringed instrument shops and the new owner must share a passion for these incredible works of art. For that person, only his or her personal imagination is the limit of where the business could go. We have a wonderful relationship with one of the main players in the vintage instrument scene today. He lives in the valley and continually expresses his desire to remain involved with the new owner.

We’re the only full-line CD/DVD shop in Aspen and have already demonstrated the need and viability for this community and business asset.

We have the best and most generous landlord in town who wants the shops in his building to continue to reflect the “old Aspen.” The building is beautiful and in the perfect location.

Please feel free to stop by and discuss your future in music in Aspen, and we’ll try and keep it in the family.

Sandy Munro

Great Divide Music