Great potential with new museum

Dear Editor:

Several years ago the Aspen Art Museum (AAM) approached Aspen Skiing Co. (ASC) about forming a collaborative partnership to bring art in unexpected places to the residents and guests of Aspen/Snowmass.

That partnership centered on the very visible works of art on the ticket stock each year, but also brought art to the public outside the four walls of the AAM at several of our events. Over the years that has involved tossing giant dice down the Buttermilk halfpipe, displaying local art exhibitions in the Wheeler Opera House lobby for three straight years of the NEPSA Video Awards and The Meeting, live graffiti art at the Core Party, video art on giant screens at the KickAspen Big Air competition, and most recently, Patterson Beckwith’s interactive Portrait Studio photography at all events during the first week of this year’s Spring Jam event. In addition we have had the opportunity to screen Mountain Town and The Ripple Effect films in limited space at the current AAM location.

Throughout the partnership, Heidi Zuckerman Jacobson, Matthew Thompson and the entire staff at the AAM have been very innovative in their outreach to the community in conjunction with ASC through the continued ticket stock art and exhibitions at various ASC events. A newly designed AAM building in downtown would open up new opportunities, help to bring some events within the four walls of the museum and directly tie programs going on at our free events with any existing exhibitions taking place at the museum. AAM has already implemented many great programs inside and outside of its current building over the past four years, and that can only continue to grow in a new downtown facility.

I am very excited about what the future holds for our collaboration and the opportunities that an AAM in downtown Aspen would bring to the table.

Ryan Miller

senior event marketing manager

Aspen Skiing Co.


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