Great job!

Dear Editor:

Thanks to King Woodward and all those involved in this years Ride for the Pass! Those hats are the coolest things ever! The guys over at CDOT did a great job of clearing and prepping the road for the race ” as usual.

Also thanks to all those who picked up all the trash along our highway roadsides this spring ” your hard work does not go unnoticed. In my eyes you are true pillars of our community ” thank you!

It’s going to be a great season of cycling ahead, and I’d like to urge all of those who participated in the Ride for the Pass, or have ever done a race, or are thinking about racing, or have any interest in cycling whatsoever to take a look at a must-read book called “The Rider” by Tim Krabbe. It’s an interesting, 148-page quick read account of the Tour de Mont Aigoual circa 1978. Dig it.

Lorenzo Semple III