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Great ideas? … great idea

Dear Editor:Well, it sounded kind of corny, but it proved to be a winner.All the first attendees praised it reminiscing over dinner.”Great Ideas? … Great idea!”True, the Institute was generous; all townsfolk were invited,And the speeches were so dazzling they kept the crowd excited.”Great Ideas? … Great idea!”Some New York critics dissed it – “Colorado pinheads” on the looseOne wonders how a non-attending writer could be so obtuse!A thinker’s what it’s chic to be.No longer cry, “It’s Greek to me!”For now we emulate those ancient GreeksAnd ponder weighty matters ‘mid these peaks.Note: “Athens”-“Aspen” – don’t they sound alike?(Do you think Plato ever rode a bike?)Yes, the hills are fairly humming with the sounds of cogitation.(Now we need one Great Idea for Aspen’s traffic constipation).So watch out for next year’s “Great Ideas” when they announce their menusAnd please cross your fingers that the stars will speak in bigger venues.Ethel GofenChicago

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