Great first step by Skico |

Great first step by Skico

Dear Editor:

Thank you, Skico, for taking the first step in making jobs available to our local residents. I encourage you to go further. The article in The Aspen Times last week stating the Skico would not be renewing H2B visas to hire foreign ski and snowboard instructors gave me new hope for the unemployed in this valley.

Currently there nearly 200 homes in foreclosure from Aspen to Glenwood. Many are in foreclosure because the people who own these homes have lost their jobs here. The Skico is the largest employer in the valley and now has the opportunity to hire incredible local talent.

Why doesn’t the Skico go all the way with this policy? I know for a fact that there are several executives of the Skico here on H2B visas as well. Filling jobs in this valley with foreigners to the U.S. is hurting all of us. Locals who have lived here for years have lost their jobs and are losing their homes.

I was an HR executive for a Fortune 7 company and recruited in an economy where everyone had jobs. I would offer to find qualified candidates to replace any Skico employee or executive who is here as an alien of the United States … and I would do this for free because I know that filling these jobs locally will benefit our valley!

Cindy Olson


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