Great bang for the buck |

Great bang for the buck

It will be devastating to this community if ballot Question 1A does not pass.

This question is not asking for an increase in taxes. (There was an increase in 2002, but it will not increase in the out years, except inflation [1 to 2 percent] so we have already paid the increase.)

It’s asking voters to approve the retention of excess property taxes to fund our essential human services for five years. Community health services such as prenatal care, teen pregnancy prevention, disease control, senior care, care for the physically disabled, substance abuse treatment.

These are the services that are available to our community now at an extremely low direct cost to citizens ? $4.20 per $100,000 home. If this question does not pass, you will receive your $4.20 per $100,000 back, but will lose services that make our community the great one that it is.

Please vote yes on 1A on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

Cristal Lee


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