Grazing on public lands? |

Grazing on public lands?

Dear Editor:

Back in Mick Ireland’s county commissioner days, Patti Clapper was astounded to find that Ireland would “graze” on the food she brought to the meetings. At first, she tried to get him to stop, only to find it impossible.

As the meetings went long, Ireland’s hand would eventually stray over into a bag of carrots or chips that Clapper had brought. Finally, Clapper just started bringing snacks for Mick so he would stop taking hers.

This is merely to say that more than a few people in the community have made sacrifices for Mick’s unusual personality … a personality I grew to enjoy a great deal during my time in Aspen. From afar, it seems Ireland is unwilling to make even a small sacrifice by having a simple dinner with Ms. Marks. Perhaps Mick would have agreed if The Aspen Times had offered a simple grazing.

Joel Stonington

New York