Gratitude for RFL |

Gratitude for RFL

(Editor’s note: This letter was originally addressed to Terri Anusqewski, executive director of Roaring Fork Leadership.)Dear Editor:To follow up on last Friday’s wonderful lunch at the Doerr Hosier Building, please accept my deepest gratitude for the Roaring Fork Leadership Alumni award. I am very honored to have received it and frankly quite surprised about it all. One of RFL’s greatest strengths is its committed and involved alumni which has developed over the past 20-plus years.One point that I did not make strongly enough to those at the lunch and to all the other alumni is that an alumni award is only a proxy for all the incredible efforts that all the RFL alums have done in the valley and else where. All of the alums have many success stories of the volunteering and leadership to help make their community a better place for all. RFL certainly provides a superb forum to discuss the challenges that affect us all with an expectation to find workable solutions.Speaking of creating solutions, a very large thanks needs to go to Bill Tomcich for overcoming the all too frequent airline glitches plaguing Mayor Hickenlooper’s flight up from Denver.The conversation between Mayor Hickenlooper and Chris Gates was great. The mayor’s remarks were such that he seemed to be talking to each and every one of us individually – quite refreshing when compared to the usual scripted non-listening droning response from politicians when answering questions.Finally, as you recall I split the $500 award between Friendship Bridge and the Aspen Valley Land Trust. Friendship Bridge is a Colorado based not for profit that helps fund and sustain micro-credit loans to Mayan women in Guatemala. The organization is most grateful for the $250 donation as it enables Friendship Bridge to make one more additional loan this year.Please forward my thank you note on to the RFL Board and alums as appropriate.Howie MalloryAspen