Grateful to Hal Thau |

Grateful to Hal Thau

In view of the recent letter criticizing Hal Thau (March 19), I wish to share that I think Thau is doing a commendable job in continuing John Denver’s legacy.

Thau has given us an excellent Web site (, which is informative and uplifting, and the new play Thau is involved with (“Almost Heaven” at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts) appears that it will not only highlight Denver’s life for those of us who already deeply appreciate and know much about the man, but will educate and interest those who are unaware of the diversity of gifts of music and issues Denver felt strongly about. It is the hope of fans I have spoken with that the play travels around the country.

Because of Thau’s continued interest in promoting Denver’s career, more music is being purchased – and more people are hearing the beautiful and much-needed message that Denver communicated of love, peace and the desire that each of us realize it’s up to us to make this world a better place.

I am grateful Hal Thau continues to promote John Denver in the varied ways he is doing, for among those who knew John, it is my opinion that Thau is one of the few who are actually doing something which truly honors John Denver and continues his legacy.

Christine Smith

Howard, Colo.

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