Grateful for the rescue |

Grateful for the rescue

(This letter was originally addressed to “Fire Chief Leach, Time Hunter, Allan Ingram, Mark Luttrell, Aaron Luttrell;, Matt Olive, Maureen Nuckols, Valley View Hospital Staff, Charles Wooldridge and Family and all others that may have been involved.”)Dear Editor:On July 17, our son Brock along with 6 others were struck by lightning near Marble. The Neville Family would like to thank all of you for your hard work and effort in getting him stabilized, down the mountain and to the hospital. You all are truly amazing.It all started with Charlie doing CPR on Brock, to Brock’s Uncle Chad and Jaci getting him down the mountain and meeting up with the rescue team from Carbondale. It was such a great team effort in making this rescue a success and we thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts.We would also like to thank the staff at Valley View Hospital for making us feel so welcome and at ease. The staff was so kind to us, from the valet parking to the doctors and nurses. It was so nice to have the feeling of being welcome when you are in a strange place.Again, thank you to all for your time and effort in Brock’s rescue and recovery. You are very special people, may God bless you all.Alvin and Karia Neville and FamilyColwich, Kan.