Grateful for RFTA |

Grateful for RFTA

Dear Editor:

Volunteering for Challenge Aspen over the past 25 years, I started when it was the BOLD program, gives me a different view of Roaring Fork Transportation Authority than that written by Martha Ferguson (“RFTA is out of control,” Feb. 10, letters to the editor, The Aspen Times).

It’s hard to remember how many people I’ve been with that have disabilities, blind in wheel chairs or who have to have assistants in walking with a cane or something else. None of these people have complained about RFTA.

Martha, you should be with these people and most of all the many disabled vets in wheelchairs who cannot say enough good things about RFTA’s ability to load them on and off the bus. Or how many times I’ve seen RFTA drivers go out of their way to help someone who has a disability. They do not get paid to do this, they do it out of the kindness of their heart.

From so many of these courageous people from all over the U.S.A. and other countries all are saying the same. Nowhere else has any public transportation company done so much to help people with disabilities. In so many cities/towns there is nothing at all to help these people get around, nothing.

RFTA hired Cameron to work with their drivers to help understand how to best care for people with disabilities. He lost both legs at birth. Even after completing his education in his home state of Arizona he could not find a job no matter how he tried. But RFTA brought him on full time. Thank you RFTA for doing so.

I’m a senior so I ride for RFTA for free as do so many other seniors. All of us love RFTA. Even in the most adverse weather conditions RFTA drivers are out there driving. Even if you are a senior from out of the area you ride for free. Comments from these out of the area riders are all positive. Chicago is the only other area that I’ve heard of that offers free rides on their bus system for seniors.

I’ve live and worked in Chicago, NYC, Miami, LA, Atlanta and Vegas and I can tell you Martha, it is really scary to see how these bus drivers drive. Not to mention the ones who drive their own cars/trucks.

Martha, if you do not like living here no one is holding a gun to your head. Move out of the area.

Wendy, thanks to you and the other RFTA drivers for all the great service you provide to so many of us who live here and to those who do not live here.

Martha, you sound like somebody who would complain about winning a 20-million dollar Power Ball jackpot because last week it was a 21-million dollar jackpot.

Harry Temple III

Snowmass Village

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