Grateful for firefighters |

Grateful for firefighters

Dear Editor:

I am writing to salute our local fire and police departments for their handling of the recent house fire in Willits. It was a night none of us in this neighborhood will soon forget.

At 8:30 p.m. on Jan. 12 my son and I were yanked out of our bedtime story routine by a loud roar. When I looked out the window for the source of the noise I saw flames shooting through the roof of a house one back yard away. I called 911 while ushering my son outside where we met my husband and neighbors in the street. The women corralled kids into a friend’s home on the other side of the street as the men tried to hook up a garden hose and wet fences down by shoveling snow onto them.

Meanwhile, we all waited anxiously for what seemed like a very long time for fire trucks to arrive. But then, ten minutes can feel like an hour when a neighbor’s house is on fire and you fear your own may be next.

By the time fire engines arrived the two-story structure was engulfed in flames. Yet within minutes the emergency team had the situation under control. Damage, for the most part, was contained to the initial site – no small feat in a dense subdivision such as this. (One hates to think what might have happened had it been a windy night, or summer or fall.)

On behalf of those of us who live on Lake Court, our deep gratitude goes out to all of the emergency workers – many of whom are volunteers – from Basalt, Snowmass and Carbondale who prevented one family’s disaster from turning into a neighborhood tragedy.

Julie Comins Pickrell


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