Grant’s Cabin: nothing but dollar signs? |

Grant’s Cabin: nothing but dollar signs?

Dear Editor:Some of the comments coming from our county commissioners in regards to the disposition of Grant’s Cabin, now the county’s cabin, are very concerning. Although Commissioner Owsley seems to have an open mind, it appears some commissioners look at this 400-foot cabin nestled in the wilderness and see nothing but dollar signs. At what cost are we going to temporarily line the county coffers?Selling the property, to be privately developed into just another empty monster home or smaller year-round residence, would be a tragedy. It is now a little cabin with no electricity, no plumbing and a little potbelly stove. One could make the argument it never should have been built, but to argue that because the county is now clearly the owners, it should be further developed, is just wrong.Affordable housing? The property is a quarter-mile above the Sundeck. I think that is a little outside the urban-growth boundary. Would the county propose to cut and maintain a road year-round or just have employees take snowmobiles to and from work five months out of the year?I know the commissioners have a tough job budgeting the needs and wants of the county. I just want to urge the commissioners to find a way to preserve the cabin and property.Although I do not speak for the Timroths, one possible win-win situation could include some type of limited or restricted lease of the property back to the Timroths. Insurance and liability can easily be resolved. The win for the county: expanded use to citizens, shielded liability, and a new source of revenue. The win for the Timroths: continued use of the property they put so much love, sweat, and money into for the last 17 years.The Timroths have always had an open-door policy, along with being good stewards of the land. I am just one of hundreds who have enjoyed the cabin over the years. I know many of us would like to work with the commissioners to find a happy medium for all.Michael O’SullivanAspen

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