Grand Canyon, small spirit |

Grand Canyon, small spirit

Dear Editor:

I am appalled with the wave of hatred for undocumented as expressed in Arizona’s SB 1070, making any undocumented immigrant a criminal for merely breathing in Arizona.

Burned in my earliest memories in Holland is the sight of Jewish neighbors being dragged out of their homes and shipped to (then) unknown destinations. No, this can’t happen in America, or could it? Hatred is a self-devouring monster, it is never satisfied ! Once we start de-personalizing others into categories such as “illegal aliens,” it with be all too easy to forget they are fellow humans.

Certainly, the federal government has been shamefully remiss in its duty to enact meaningful, humane immigration reform and utterly failed in protecting our borders. Yes, SB 1070 explicitly prohibits racist behavior and profiling by law enforcement officers. But these are just words, words, words. In the end it is our actions that count !

Gerry VanderBeek

Glenwood Springs