Grand Avenue Bridge opens, detour rolls back

Tom Newland

The new Grand Avenue bridge is set to open to traffic Tuesday after a community walk across it at 4 p.m. today.

Crews anticipate opening the new Grand Avenue Bridge late Monday or early Tuesday. Because of the variables in weather, an exact time and number of lanes is not confirmed. Our team is excited to move forward with the opening, but would like to remind you of remaining traffic impacts and the post-detour traffic plan.

Lane configurations on the traffic bridge, which will have three lanes open, will be designed to accommodate morning and afternoon peak weekday traffic. A significant reduction will occur in peak delay times and traffic should quickly revert to pre-detour conditions.

First, crews will change the signal timing on Eighth and Ninth streets and at major intersections along the detour route. Crews will then remove the I-70 Exit 114 eastbound exit-only lane and the northbound Colorado 82 transit lane.

Emergency vehicles, transit and vanpool lanes on northbound Colorado 82/Grand Avenue will open to all motorists when the bridge opens. Crews will cover signs, but the solid white stripe may not be phased out until the following week.

Midland Avenue, Eighth Street, Colorado Avenue and Ninth Street will be converted to their pre-detour configurations.

The intersection of Eighth Street and Colorado Avenue will return to a four-way stop, with all four pedestrian crosswalks available and fencing removed. Crews will also phase out the downtown squareabout in the week following the bridge opening. Be patient and follow flagger instructions as we work to restore downtown streets to their pre-detour configuration.


Rain or shine, community deck walk and ribbon cutting, 4 p.m. Monday.

Join the bridge team and your neighbors for a traffic bridge deck walk and ribbon cutting. Meet on the north side of the traffic bridge deck on the abutment above the pedestrian underpass to celebrate the opening of the bridge.

The celebration is a fun opportunity for the community to walk across the new bridge, celebrate the community working together and be captured in a photograph that will commemorate Glenwood history. Over the course of the project we have had many requests for an event on the traffic bridge. We wanted to take a moment and thank our community and local partners.