Gradow cheated the people |

Gradow cheated the people

Dear Editor:Let’s be clear about certain things. First, taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society.Second, the IRS is a collection agency. Its agents are servants of the American people (the “S” stands for “service”). Whether they are elected or appointed or hired, government people are our employees.Therefore, George Gradow did not “bilk” the IRS, nor did he “cheat” it. He cheated the people of the United States. He cheated all those who do pay their lawful taxes.By not paying his fair share, he deprived our society of funds that could help soldiers in Iraq; could pay for highway and bridge repairs; could support addiction recovery programs; could add to medical research budgets.The shame of it is, he’s only one of many who similarly cut corners and cheat all of us. Where is the integrity? Where is the love of country that lets one pay taxes gladly because we all want a civilized society?To repeat a couple of clichés: We’re all in this together. And we shall either stand together or fall apart together.LinelleAspen

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