Governor gripes |

Governor gripes

Dear Editor:Bill Ritter is the most unqualified, undeserving candidate ever to run for governor. I’m talking background and qualifications, and not personality. I believe him to be a very nice guy, but “nice” simply doesn’t count here. It takes a strong, experienced hand to keep a burgeoning and increasingly arrogant bureaucracy in check.Bill Ritter has demonstrated that he is soft on crime and even softer on illegal immigration, to the extent that Denver is known nationwide (and particularly in Mexico) as a “sanctuary” city. A case in point is his very telling decision to let a known illegal immigrant, and suspected heroin dealer, loose to later sexually molest a child. Agricultural trespass, Mr. Ritter? This tap dance speaks volumes about an attitude that could not be more out of sync with our need to rein in illegal immigration. If he is soft on criminals, for Pete’s sake, how will he ever deal with the bureaucracy? Liberal “Kumbayah” ain’t gonna get it for a political chief executive, folks. Neither does PC when it comes to illegal immigration.This in spite of the simpatico liberal media’s best efforts to “kill the messenger” concerning the Beauprez campaign’s disclosure of it via relentless pounding on that campaign, while pointedly ignoring the substance of Ritter’s actions. A negative campaign ad is certainty appropriate when it is factual and crucially relevant to the office being sought.Beyond the media’s embarrassing damage control attempt in that flap, just what is it that qualifies Ritter for this job – other than being a Democrat, of course? “Dedicated” to “public service”? Nah. He just took a cushy, low-pressure, politically high-profile public trough job – one generally considered a “safe” stepping stone – in order to position himself to run for governor one day. Plain and simple, a decision commonly made early on by mediocre men with more ego than ability.Contrast this background/mind set with Bob Beauprez. I am not a Republican – way too conservative for that – and I have no allegiance whatsoever to Bob Beauprez. But, I can tell you that he is light years ahead of Ritter in terms of the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to run the state government. Beauprez is a proven success at everything he has attempted.The distinction in backgrounds and abilities between the two men is so profound relative to the responsibilities of the job, that a vole for Ritter is either just plain stupidity or blind partisanship. And blind partisanship is what got us Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush – embarrassments all. Must we sink to that level in Colorado? Pray tell we are smarter than the country as a whole?Bob RichardsonGlenwood Springs

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