Government needs to represent everyone |

Government needs to represent everyone

This is an open letter to the judges, 9th Judicial District. It’s time for local government to start representing the people; all of the people.

Mr. James C. Bradford is not an attorney, so he does not know this. Jonathan Hobbs wrote ” prior to the French Revolution ” that: “The People give government the legitimacy to govern.” You cannot fight the people from government, the ONLY role of government is to serve the people.

The people have a right to know about hiring decisions in government, because government has an obligation to hire the best qualified people, regardless of race! It’s time for government in this valley to accept their responsibility to the people. You have no right to take our money and lock yourselves into “who” you want to hire, whether or not we get the quality service we pay for.

I have something to say for all the minorities in this valley. We are 15 percent of this population, making us 15 percent of of the vote. We have an obligation to each other to become “educated” about the issues that confront us as minorities in these ski resort towns! You Mexican/Hispanic parents have an obligation to me you are not aware of.

We are about to celebrate the birth of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Don’t sit at the TV and wonder who he, is, go to the library and learn and teach your kids, because we live in Dr. King’s “snowcapped Rockies of Colorado.”

ASCAP #1637016 – elected 2002. You don’t “join” ASCAP; you have to be elected and it makes me among the top 1-2 percent of musicians around the world. I know who I am and my race means NOTHING in music. KSPN has my CD!

Royal G. Blue … “The Next Generation in American Jazz.”

Marvin B. Wilson II

Glenwood Springs