Gov. Perry sets bad example for Texans |

Gov. Perry sets bad example for Texans

Dear Editor:

I had to chuckle when I read John Doyle’s letter to the editor in The Aspen Times dated July 23, in regards to Gov. Rick Perry’s last visit and his (continuously idling) entourage in the Suburban.

As an Austin, Texas, resident, I am embarrassed and appalled (but not surprised) at the behavior of his retinue. Considering that the temperatures have been in the triple digits in Austin for most of the summer (and every summer!), a trip to Aspen was indeed like a breath of fresh air for me and my friend. We never once turned on the air conditioner, either in our lovely downtown room, or in our rental car, and would like to apologize for those rude Texans who come to visit your beautiful city and act like they deserve “special” treatment whether they are the governor or not!

In fact, it would behoove Mr. Perry and his entourage to be a little more considerate than the average fellow, considering the public exposure of that office and his cagey on-again/off-again bid for the White House!

Mr. Perry’s opinion of climate change (in response to green-house gas emissions) is that these views are “shortsighted and overly alarmist.” Gov. Perry is entitled to his opinion on global warming, but deliberately flouting the Aspen no-idle law and then condoning boorish and rude behavior to boot? Well, unfortunately this type of behavior just becomes a poor reflection on all of us Texans.

Instead of the presidency, maybe Governor Perry should make a run for the Senate.

Kim Alexander

Austin, Texas

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