Gov. Jared Polis unveils new Colorado logo |

Gov. Jared Polis unveils new Colorado logo

Anna Staver
The Denver Post
Colorado Gov. Jared Polis revealed a new state logo Tuesday, replacing a green triangle with a multicolored one that incorporates the “C” from the state flag.
Anna Staver/The Denver Post

Say goodbye to Colorado’s triangular green mountain logo. Gov. Jared Polis has decided it’s time for a new look.

The governor unveiled a new state logo Tuesday. It has multicolored mountains housed within the “C” from the state flag. An evergreen tree is off to the side.

“We want to provide a fresh representation of the state brand,” Polis said during a press conference with reporters.

Each color on the logo represents a different part of the state. The red is for the red soil and rocks, the yellow is for the wheat field of the great plans and the blue base represents Colorado’s rivers and lakes. Polis said the old logo focused on the mountains, and while they’re great, there’s a lot more to Colorado.

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