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Gouging the locals

Dear Editor:

What is up with the new Aspen Skiing Co. pass prices? Locals take note, it may have just become a lot more expensive for you to ski. I know the company headlines make it sound like we will get a better deal this season, but read between them.

Consider this: If you are a person that really likes to ski, but holds down a regular job or two, you may be lucky to get a couple of days a week to ski. One day may not be enough, but if you work five days, getting more than two ski days is not gonna happen. This was the beauty of the two-day-a-week pass that has recently been eliminated by the Skico.

People that worked five days a week could ski on weekends but not be charged the same as those that could ski every day. So with the new pricing, the weekend warrior can either ski one day a week (not enough to survive on) for the chamber price of $700 or pay an additional $400 for a full premier pass. Of course the Skico brass knows these poor working sods can only use their premier pass twice a week ’cause they gotta work the other five days. Ha, sell ’em a full pass and they will only use it twice a week. How clever.

And as for the ability to purchase extra days at $50 bucks a pop, do the math! Just eight days of skiing makes it the equivalent of the chamber premier pass. Not a good deal. With the two-day-a-week we got the equivalent of 20 extra days, for a total of 40 for a much lower price. So the Skico says “just buy the premier pass, what a deal.” Well, it is $400 bucks more for something most working people will not be able to use.

Plus, in this economy most responsible businesses are lowering prices, not trying to get more. Is the Skico trying to push workers into a one-day-a-week pass to reduce skier visits? Skier visits are already down, and it was the locals that boosted them this past year, and so this is the thanks we get. Maybe the Skico realizes this winter may be slow, so they can boost profits on the backs of local skiers, the very people that make this town work. What a slap in the face!

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If you are a diehard skier that can only hit the slopes on weekends you are probably, well … upset. Like me. Let the Skico hear your voices!

Oh, and if this hasn’t got your attention, look at the kids pricing.

Andre Wille


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