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Gouged by Skico

Dear Editor:

One thing that stood out for me in your article about the Aspen Skiing Co.’s pass prices for the upcoming season is how the Classic Pass keeps soaring in price each year.

When I moved here in 2001, a four-day Classic Pass was $99, or $24.75 per day. At $249, the five-day Classic will be $49.80 per day, more than double what it was just eight years ago.

Meanwhile, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) has increased only 22 percent in that time. The Classic Pass is increasing in price at a rate that’s five times that the rate of inflation!

The increase in the price per day between last year’s seven-day pass and this year’s five-day pass is 28 percent. How does Skico justify this?

They may be a private company which is free to set their own prices, but they’re using public lands, and pretty much have a monopoly on alpine skiing in the Roaring Fork valley. I don’t understand why they keep gouging the locals with unreasonable increases in ski pass prices year after year.

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Craig Silberman


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