Got snot? Wipe it away with the Snot Spot. Really. |

Got snot? Wipe it away with the Snot Spot. Really.

Bob Ward
The Snot Spot for the runny winter nose.

It’s happened to all of us at one time or another, and frankly it happens to most of us a lot – even though we hate to admit it. The runny winter nose.

Why else would the Skico provide tissues in the lift line? Because skiers (and all winter sports enthusiasts, for that matter) suffer from chronic snot-drip.Ever tried to wipe your nose on a cold, rough ski glove? If you’re like me, it’s just easier to turn to one side and blow it on the ground. Of course, that’s hardly appropriate on a chairlift with your sweetie or in a lift line with several dozen onlookers.Well, now there’s an alternative. It’s called the Snot Spot, a simple $5 piece of absorbent fleece that slides over your glove. When your nose starts to run, just do the natural wipe with your index finger. It’s as close to a Kleenex as your ski glove will ever get.

Here’s what the Snot Spot promotional materials say:”The Snot Spot is made of soft, high-quality, moisture-resistant fleece and is worn directly over your winter glove or mitten. With its symmetrical design, you can wear it on either hand or buy two for double-fisted snot protection. What’s more, the Snot Spot is fully reversible to give you twice the snot-wiping surface area!”It’s easy to throw the Snot Spot into the wash with everything else at the end of a ski day, but for a quick rinse just rub it in the snow and the fleece will wick that moisture right off.

It also comes in two bold colors – black and alabaster!Full disclosure: Aspenites should know that the Snot Spot comes from Vail. And the Snot Spot people are proud enough of the Vail affiliation that their website is For Aspenites, this probably represents a strike against the product (which this user actually received in an anonymous gift exchange. Could it be a hint?). Nevertheless, I think the Snot Spot is proof that good things can come from Vail.