Goodbye to Mr. KAJX |

Goodbye to Mr. KAJX

Dear Editor:

A little bit of the heart and soul of KAJX was lost when John Noonan slipped away from our lives. John was Mr. KAJX! Money can’t buy the loyalty, devotion and love he had for KAJX’s success.

I had the honor to spend many a “marathon Sunday” taping with John. I would bring his favorite Maroon Creek cheeseburger and we would tape four to six shows. We ate, laughed, worked and talked about theater (particularly his London trips), our shows, life and his passion for KAJX. John took exquisite care of all my guests, sending out copies of our shows minutes after we finished our day.

We have all lost a very special man. I like to imagine him running Radio Heaven with a daily Heaven Media Review.

We love you, John.

Annie Brown

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