Goodbye to a friend

Steve Martin

(Editor’s note: This letter was written in honor of Nick Alcorta by one of his friends.)

Dear Nick:

You are my hero. You came to all of us without expectations. When there wasn’t much time to give, you gave what little you had left. You gave your heart to kids when I know that yours was broken. You were always there for any kid who needed a lesson on the field or on the court. You were a giver and every kid just wants to say thank you.

You are a friend who was there when times were tough and when I was dreaming. You gave the pat on the back with support if things were not as good as expected.

But most of all, thank you for being there to promote a dream. Most people back away when it comes time to volunteer, but you would always step forward.

When I came to you with a dream for valleywide baseball camps for kids seven years ago you stepped forward. Thus the Roaring Fork Youth Baseball Camps live today because you volunteered your time.

Thank you for all the laughs and the tears that you were kind enough to share with all of us. Nick, I’ll miss you forever and remember you even longer.


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