Goodbye, Mike |

Goodbye, Mike

Monday evening, a very special person left The Aspen Times.Mike Hagan resigned his position as editor in chief after more than seven years on staff.He began here in November 1996 as the night editor, moving to Aspen from Friday Harbor, Wash.During his time here, Mike moved up the ladder from night editor to managing editor and finally to one of the most demanding, difficult jobs in the valley, editor in chief of The Aspen Times. What will be missed most about Mike, however, isnt his administrative and management abilities.What will be missed most about Mike is his personality. In even the most difficult conversations, challenging confrontations or stressful moments, Mike was always easy to listen to and work with. When things were going well at work, he was simply a joy to be around.Mikes departure took most of the staff by surprise. Todays Daily Comment is our chance to say goodbye to Mike and tell him how cool we all think he is.Rock on, Mikey. And plan on a spring desert trip. BWMike never left any doubt that he was behind every one of his reporters all the time exactly what you look for in an editor. SOIll miss Mike for regularly singing Black Sabbath, the Ramones and Nirvana on the stairs when running in and out of his office. And for ordering chicken fingers and pork fried rice for lunch at least once a week, and sharing his egg rolls and fortune cookies. And for being a close friend of all of us at the paper. NHFair, honest and capable. And a total Hessian. It was a pleasure working for you. BHI am going to miss how you always had time to listen, no matter what gripe I had. Im counting on you to continue to climb those fourteeners, never to have another cigarette, to be one of the worlds great fathers and a delightful human being. SGIve never met a man so dedicated to company softball, so eager to find the good in the people who worked for him or so able to put up with incessant griping from a bunch of malcontent reporters. And what a wardrobe! JUIll always remember Mikes ability to thrash to Motorhead while editing hours of copy. So long, Mike, we will miss you. MVI will totally miss every growing stage of your fabulous curly hair. That just cant be replaced. Im really proud of all the things youve accomplished, both here at work and in your personal life. Some roads are harder to trudge than others. I have faith in you and know youll always come out on top. HBMike is awesome and will be sorely missed! No matter what the crises or need, he was always there to help with a smile! JSDwight Eisenhower once said, You do not lead by hitting people over the head thats assault, not leadership. In this respect, you were the perfect leader … thank you. Dont ever change. JMYou are a class act, smart, hard-working and a real pleasure to associate with. You made it nice to come to work and you are missed. You have a great future ahead and you richly deserve it. Thanks. BMSince Mike was a graduate from the University of Montana, I always felt a kindred spirit with him. Not only was Mike a pleasure to talk to it was a wonderful experience to see Mike with his daughter, Willow. She was a great friend to Sam, Brooklyn, Trudy, Tony, Nugget, Oliver and any of the dogs in the office. Ill miss Mike and his family. The next place he works at will get a treasure. GJYou have been, and shall be, one of the best editors Ive had the pleasure and honor to work with, and for. You will be missed and I am hoping that one day I will have that honor to work for you again. PCHes very honest. I think he was a hard worker, too. He makes me feel confident that whatever he says hell do, hell take responsibility and do it. AUBoy is Zack gonna miss you. Me too. AHCaptain, my (softball) captain,Although you were thrown a wild one I know youll always make it around third standing up. Im gonna miss you behind me buddy. The team has lost a star.Queen of the Mound. BNI have worked in three different newsrooms, and I have never seen an editorial staff hold their leader in such high regard. Editors demand respect by virtue of their position. Mike was simply respected by everyone in the newsroom because of who he was. He had this incredible ability to make you want to work hard for him. The combination of Mikes personality and his devotion to his job and his staff was very rare, and very special.I will miss his easy smile, listening to him crank AC/DC from his office on Saturday afternoons, and the overall atmosphere he created in the editorial office. It wont be the same without him. SBWhen the soul of a newsroom is gone, it is you, kind reader, who suffers. We will try to ease your suffering as best we can by putting the best damn paper in the rack that we can. Thats how Mike trained us. CAMike You always have a smile on your face and a bounce in your step that makes people feel good we are going to miss that and all the fun softball games thanks for it all. DWMike is a real newspaperman. The real deal. Not someone who prances in to crank out a few stories before they begin their real life as a novelist. Someone who cares deeply about the role of a newspaper in a community, who understands that role, who relishes the daily challenges of determining whats news, how to cover it and how to produce it. Hes one of those invaluable people who know how to get things done, to get the paper out. If I were starting a newspaper tomorrow, the first guy Id come looking for is Mike Hagan. And remember Mike, the teachings say that as one door closes, another opens, and so also do we know that as one beer empties, so does another open. And never, ever forget this Avs-Red Wings tomorrow at 6. SJHe didnt know just when the wrong notes began to creep into the song, but when he did notice them he realized that theyd been there for some time already. As he listened the song changed swiftly. Something was wrong in the Eldewood. Something was terribly wrong. The music of the woods twisted into something horrible as Orin listened. from Andy Stones Song of the Kingdom, Doubleday & Co. Inc., 1979. TM


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