Good sheriff hard to find |

Good sheriff hard to find

Dear Editor:

You must be a friend of the despicable characters at play. You have my sympathy.

I am a more than 30-year resident of Aspen. I live in the old K, G, and E managers shack. I drive an 8-year-old car. I have worked for over 50 years and I volunteer in many Pitkin County organizations.

I have known about the shenanigans in the “good ole boy” sheriff’s department for many years. I have known Braudis’s ex-wives. I have read of the despicable behavior of Joe DiSalvo at Jimmy’s, and the only two times I ever requested help from that department they didn’t even show up! Many other residents have had the same experience.

They did, however, send an inebriated man to my door at 2 in the morning to retrieve a dog my kids had rescued the afternoon before. It apparently belonged to him, but I had no way of knowing that.

I’m sorry you are so tainted – as are many others in this community. One day we will have a decent leader in the sheriff’s department – then you may recognize a good man and commendable leadership. It will not be any of the despots people like you now support.

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I’m sure you greased the machine with your sarcasm. Our local rags love that! They, however, only print some of my letters so you’ve been spared!

Again, you have my sympathy.

Etna Tauscher


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