Good ol’ gondola times |

Good ol’ gondola times

This is the last winter of the current gondola cars on Aspen Mountain. Out of nostalgia, we asked Aspen Times readers to tell us their most memorable gondola experiences. Though there wasn’t much feedback, the stories sure are good ones. Here’s a couple of ’em:One morning, just after my father, Sepp Uhl, longtime ski school supervisor of Aspen Mountain, got into the gondola alone, someone called his name and as he stuck his head out the gondola door to answer, the door closed on his head! It took considerable effort and yelling for him to get his skull back inside with the rest of his body. It did him no damage but caused everyone a good scare. It’s good to know the doors close tightly enough to keep us safely inside but, like subway doors, they are not a guillotine.- Anton UhlThere have been numerous memorable gondola experiences, but a couple come to mind: 1. We were riding up the first week it opened, awed over the heights and comparing the warmth to that of the Bell Mountain chair, when we looked up to find a bare ass pressed against the glass of the downcoming car. There he was, happily “mooning” the passengers on his way down. I never forget a face, but no chance here! 2. We were riding up with friends from McLean, Va. There was an extra seat, so one of the singles joined us, dressed in “cool Aspen local attire.” We paid him no mind. Ethel Kennedy and part of her clan were in town, so the conversation turned to them and some of the shenanigans they were pulling. Our wives threw out a couple of less-than-flattering remarks about Mrs. Kennedy. The single turned and in a very gentlemanly way said, “That’s my mom you’re talking about.” You have never seen such backpedaling as was done by our wives. The young man was Robert Kennedy Jr. – Jim Nowery