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Good medicine

Last month, while getting ready to go skiing one morning, I became disoriented. Fortunately my wife was with me and immediately called 911. An ambulance arrived in 12 minutes and the first crew began helping me.

I am told that soon after they arrived I lapsed into a seizure. They called for backup assistance because, among other tasks, they had to carry me up three and a half flights of stairs.

Immediately upon arriving at the hospital, Dr. Gallagher and his staff expertly treated me to stop the seizing. I woke up in Aspen Valley Hospital and am now doing very well.

Besides Dr. Gallagher and the staff at Aspen Valley Hospital, my wife and I would like to thank the following people who helped in getting me to the hospital and very likely saved my life: Jennifer Kilker, Hagan Cool, Steve Ramsey, George Kramer, Rich Walker, Orrin Moon, Jess Graber, Marc Zachary and Michael Lyons.

Louis and Carol Marks


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