Good luck with a lawsuit |

Good luck with a lawsuit

Dear Editor:

Michael Cleverly’s column (“Hypocrisy flows from Woody Creek Caucus,” Jan. 11, Aspen Times Weekly) was right on the money.

I suggest that the Aspen School District let the caucus and county take the district to court. Let the caucus go to its members in these economically challenging times and ask for an additional assessment to sue the pants off the district. Let the county waste taxpayer money, at a time when revenues are down, on trying to keep the school district from doing what it needs to do to get the best teachers for our kids.

Finally, I suggest that the school district hire the best lawyers money can obtain to put the Woody Creek Caucus in its place of importance, way behind the school district, and be sure that the district lawyers collect their fee from the caucus as retribution for their selfish act.

Kim Vieira


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